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Submerge I 4Hr Brainwave Entrainment Package

by Source Vibrations



The Submerge Entrainment Package. A 4-part series.
Take a deep dive through the four states of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

Using harmonically tuned binaural beat frequencies set to relaxing 432Hz tuned sounds and subtle textures, the Submerge Package offers four complete 1-hour programs for state training, meditation healing and personal exploration.

Midnight Ocean (Beta) for mental focus. Use while you study or perform complex mental tasks.
Expansive Awareness (Alpha) to release stress and relax into meditation.
Liquid Rest (Theta) is a tool for deep healing and self hypnosis.
Formless Being (Delta) is a sleep aid or may be used a tool for advanced meditation.

For the neurological benefits of brainwave entrainment technology, stereo headphones are required. For information about brainwave entrainment, please visit this page.

To purely receive the benefits of the 432Hz overtones in the body, this program may be played through high quality speakers.


released May 3, 2015

This product is not recommended for people with seizure disorders. If you have a serious health condition, ask for your doctor's approval before listening to brainwave entrainment programs. If you experience any adverse side effects please discontinue use. By listening to these products you are choosing to take responsibility for your evolution and well-being.


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