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Solfeggio Master 1122Hz ~ Alpha Meditation

by Source Vibrations



Each parameter in this track is tuned to the harmonics within the spectrum of the 1122Hz fundamental. 1122Hz is a synthesis or “meta” frequency derived from calculating the output function of the first 12 direct solfeggio tones. Infused with the golden proportion, nested harmonics and healing intentions, this track creates a powerful sonic environment for healing and personal development.

The entrainment program in this track brings listeners into an active alpha state making this track ideal for morning meditations, study sessions, or to accompany a creative visualization process. This track is great for both beginning and advanced meditators as either an entrainment program or sound healing tool.

For brainwave entrainment technology, stereo headphones are required.

To purely receive the benefits of the solfeggio overtones in the body, this program may be played through high quality speakers.


released July 27, 2011



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Source Vibrations Boulder, Colorado

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Source Vibrations music uses leading edge, vibro-acoustic tools for consciousness evolution. We integrate golden mean mathematics, harmonics nesting and sacred tunings into our brainwave entrainment and sound healing programs. ... more

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