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Saturn's Gate ~ Live 432Hz Sound Transmission

by Source Vibrations

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Jill Chapman
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Jill Chapman As a person working in the healing arts I find this music to be a very powerful addition to my work!✨
Linda El
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Linda El I love this track so much! I listen to it at night when I want to relax or meditate. I listen to it during the daytime around the house for a serene atmosphere.


Unlock the gate to the realms past Saturn’s rings. Recorded live in the 432hz tuning with theta binaural beat program. This sound journey is an experimental, atmospheric soundscape providing a backdrop for explorations beyond. Using methods from the practices of sonic mysticism, this set resonates Saturn’s planetary tempo, frequency and symbol correspondences. Vocals by Katherine Eid.

The theta binaural beat program is used to assist listeners in entering a relaxed state. To experience the effects of brainwave entrainment technology, stereo headphones are required, or play through high-quality speakers to enjoy this dynamic sound experience.


released April 11, 2016


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Source Vibrations Boulder, Colorado

Music of the noosphere...

Source Vibrations music uses leading edge, vibro-acoustic tools for consciousness evolution. We integrate golden mean mathematics, harmonics nesting and sacred tunings into our brainwave entrainment and sound healing programs. ... more

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